Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bienvenidos a Bilbao

Today´s word of the day is ¨bilatu¨ : search

I arrived in Bilbao yesterday after the run around in the Madrid airport. In short: My flight out of DFW was delayed so I missed my connection from Madrid to Bilbao. My shoulders are still sore from lugging my carry-ons, one of which was a lovely 25lb and sans wheels, all over that airport. I now know way more about the Madrid airport than neccesary. Anyway, I finally got a plane and was bumped up to business class which had the added bonus of 3 bocadillos and water out of a real glass. Classy, right?

As I glanced out the window as the plane into Bilbao landed my thought was ¨its so green.¨ This may only mean something to those of you who have been to Madrid and know what a dry wasteland it is. As I came around the curve into Bilbao I was suddenly greeted by the Guggenheim cresting infront of city. The thing that gets me about Spanish, and I supposed all European cities, is that all the building are equally tall and squished together. So it´s like . . . no city, no city, no city, BAM city.

I am staying in a so-so area of Bilbao. There are a lot of Afircan and Arab immigrants, who, whether rightly or wrongly, are considered trouble makers. I wouldn´t have thought to brush up on my Arabic before getting here, but it might not have been a bad idea.


  1. ok. So, that was me accidentally posting with my mom's google account. whoops. my question was: what's a bocadillo?

  2. Bocadillos are sandwhiches on baguettes. What I had could have been eaten in a bit, however, so they were like little appetrizers. Another type of food I might mention are pinchos. Pinchos are a small slice of bread with various toppings that is held there using a stick.